2002 in 1 Hour (Revisited): Non-stop music with some of the top hits of the year.

One hour of continuous music with some of the most representative songs of the year 2002. Re-uploaded and revisited.

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The Beat of a Different Drummer With 7 Types of Drums

Can you identify the society of a drum’s defeated by its pitch? Drums of various beginnings are executed by drummers with social precision, showmanship and also distinctive audios.

Music Review: The Siegel-Schwall Reunion Concert

Please enjoy this testimonial of the CD established at the 1987 get-together of Siegel-Schwall. This blues band was created in 1964. They created 2 of my all-time preferred cds: The Siegel-Schwall Band in 1967 as well as Say Siegel Schwall in 1968. Siegel-Schwall separated in 1974 so I rejoiced to discover this get-together CD.

The Clash – “Give ‘Em Enough Rope” Doesn’t Get Enough Credit

Hard rock is truly hit or miss in some cases, and also no album is a lot more obvious than the Clash’s 2nd document. “Offer ‘Em Enough Rope” was intended to be a massive record for the magnificent punkers, but when they selected Sandy Pearlman for the manufacturer, points seemed to shift a little and the hard rock area allowed the band have it. In spite of moans and also gripes from fans, the band went on as well as still made the document as well as it is quite the accomplishment, also if it didn’t have the prompt effect that their very first or subsequent records after this one had.

Ten Pop Songs That Are Unintentionally Frightening

A short article on the Yahoo primary page on October 29 provided the 10 most frightening bands. The only 2 that made the listing from my childhood years are Kiss (# 3) as well as Black Sabbath (# 1). Though I suched as both bands, I can not recollect having been frightened of either of them.

Home Recording Studio Microphone Basics

Purchasing a residence taping studio microphone for the very first time can be frustrating. This write-up will offer you a refresher course in microphone basics. It covers the essential information you require to make an audio decision concerning the most effective microphone for your recording requires. We’ll review transduction, tape-recording studio microphones of various types, microphone frequency response, and also polar patterns.

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