Queen – Greatest Hits (2) [1 hour 20 minutes long]

Watch all the videos from Queen’s Greatest Hits Volume 2 in this video.

Tracklist (Click the time to skip to the track) –
A Kind Of Magic – 00:36
Under Pressure (feat. David Bowie) – 05:11
Radio Ga Ga – 09:19
I Want It All – 15:08
I Want To Break Free – 19:16
Innuendo – 23:41
It’s A Hard Life – 30:27
Breakthru – 34:38
Who Wants To Live Forever – 39:00
Headlong – 43:08
The Miracle – 48:00
I’m Going Slightly Mad – 53:18
The Invisible Man – 57:49
Hammer To Fall – 01:02:12
Friends Will Be Friends – 01:06:03
The Show Must Go On – 01:10:32
One Vision – 01:14:52

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Queen – Greatest Hits (2) [1 hour 20 minutes long]

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