The music video for «We Belong», a hit?


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Pat Benatar (January 10, 1953) is an American singer and songwriter. Winner of four Grammy Awards, Pat Benatar is a renowned rock singer and songwriter with international hits such as Love Is a Battlefield, We Belong and Heartbreaker.

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Pat Benatar performs in the music video «We Belong» from the album «Tropico» recorded for Chrysalis Records. Pat Benatar sings with his band surrounded by strips of white cloth fluttering in the wind. He later sings near a waterfall before being joined by a children’s choir.

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«We Belong,» a 1984 hit by pop-rock queen Pat Benatar, in the video Pat sings with her band and does so in front of shadows and curtains billowing in the wind in front of her. And for a feel-good mood boost, a choir of children come in and sing along with Pat Benatar. Also, to increase the beauty, a waterfall of a river adds a sense of softness and beauty.

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Overall, a well-made music video that fits the mood and feel of the song. Lots of close-ups of the singer and a video with relaxing images make an excellent mix.


Original title: Pat Benatar: We Belong
Year: 1984
Duration: 3:37
Country: USA
Director: Marty Callner
Music Song: Pat Benatar
Music: Eric Lowen, Dan Navarro

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