Top 40 Hit Songs Music Quiz (Same Song Name – Different Singer) [MUSIC QUIZ COMPILATION] Part 1

Top 40 Hit Songs Music Quiz (Same Song Name – Different Singer) [MUSIC QUIZ COMPILATION] Part 1

A list of Top 40 Hit Songs Music Quiz (Same Song Name – Different Singer) including: 01 Blondie – María, 02 Ricky Martin – María, 03 Cher – Believe , 04 Elton John – Believe, 05 The Platters – Only You, 06 Yazoo – Only You, 07 Rose Laurens – Africa, 08 Toto – Africa, 09 Real Life – Send Me An Angel, 10 Scorpions – Send Me An Angel, 11 Bon Jovi – It’s My Life, 12 Talk Talk – It’s My Life, 13 Mouth & MacNeal – How Do You Do, 14 Roxette – How Do You Do!, 15 Camilo Sesto – Perdóname, 16 Dúo Dinámico – Perdóname, 17 Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here, 18 Incubus – Wish You Were Here, Faun – Rosenrot, Rammstein – Rosenrot, Cheap Trick – Surrender, Billy Talent – Surrender, Khaled – C’est La Vie, dArtagnan – C’est La Vie, Bob Dylan – I Want You and many more!!!

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01 Blondie – María
02 Ricky Martin – María
03 Cher – Believe
04 Elton John – Believe
05 The Platters – Only You
06 Yazoo – Only You
07 Rose Laurens – Africa
08 Toto – Africa
09 Real Life – Send Me An Angel
10 Scorpions – Send Me An Angel
11 Bon Jovi – It’s My Life
12 Talk Talk – It’s My Life
13 Mouth & MacNeal – How Do You Do
14 Roxette – How Do You Do!
15 Camilo Sesto – Perdóname
16 Dúo Dinámico – Perdóname
17 Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here
18 Incubus – Wish You Were Here
19 Faun – Rosenrot
20 Rammstein – Rosenrot
21 Cheap Trick – Surrender
22 Billy Talent – Surrender
23 Khaled – C’est La Vie
24 dArtagnan – C’est La Vie
25 Bob Dylan – I Want You
26 KISS – I Want You
27 Aerosmith – Crazy
28 Seal – Crazy
29 Gnarls Barkley – Crazy
30 Lost Frequencies & Zonderling – Crazy
31 Joyce Jonathan – Je Ne Sais Pas
32 Zazie – Je Ne Sais Pas
33 Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah
34 Milk and Honey – Hallelujah
35 Marcos & Belutti – Domingo De Manhã
36 Brothers Of Brazil – Domingo De Manhã
37 Umberto Tozzi – Ti Amo
38 Mister You And Hamouda – Ti Amo
39 Metallica – One
40 U2 – One

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