Very simple but at the same time a masterpiece, the Imagine music video


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Imagine’s music video is a masterpiece

The video clip of Imagine opens with Lennon and Ono walking for 50 seconds in a thick fog until they reach their home.

Above the door is a sign that reads «This Is Not Here,» the same name as the art exhibit Yoko Ono had at the time in New York.

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They magically enter the house without opening the door, darkness is visible. The song has that peaceful melody that captivates and relaxes us.


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Lennon sits at a piano located in a white room and, as the song progresses, the lighting of the place becomes clearer after Yoko Ono gradually lets the outside light in through all the windows. The whole white room conveys purity.

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Finally, Yoko Ono sits next to John Lennon in the last seconds of the video, there are looks of complicity that end in a kiss, it is a masterpiece.

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Original title: John Lennon: Imagine
Year: 1971
Duration: 3:14
Country: United Kingdom
Director: John Lennon, Yoko Ono
Music Song: John Lennon
Cast: John Lennon, Yoko Ono
Production company: Joko. Distributor: MTV

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