Why is Bruce Springsteen called «The Boss»?


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The Boss


Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen started his career in music at a very young age, since he was a teenager to be more precise. Shortly after he started he was part of a trio called «Earth» and there he received the nickname «The Boss«.

Within the band he was in charge of collecting the money every night they played and later he would share the money with his bandmates, hence the nickname. «The Boss» stuck with Bruce and soon became a symbol of everything surrounding the musician.

Where does Bruce Springsteen currently live?

If there is anyone who is proud of his roots and carries the American flag wherever he goes, it is Bruce. Since his first albums he has imprinted on them the pride he feels in being from New Jersey, the American state where he was born and where he still lives.

The Boss’ current residence is only half an hour away from the place where he was born, an area of huge houses with green meadows all around.

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How many records has Bruce Springsteen sold?

Part of this money that the artist has, logically, comes from royalties and sales of his albums, which are also dizzying. He has sold about 65 million records in the United States and about 120 million worldwide. Ten of his albums have reached No. 1, among them his emblematic Born to Run (1975), considered one of his best works, and his successful album Born in the USA (1984) with more than 15 million copies sold and numerous singles occupying the highest positions in the charts.

In addition to these sales, throughout his incredible musical career he has won countless awards such as 20 Grammy Awards, two Golden Globes, an Oscar and has a place in the acclaimed Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

What is the name of his guitarist?

Springsteen has been accompanied since the beginning of his career by the E Street Band, the band with which he has recorded his most important albums since 1975. As part of this line-up, guitarist Steven Van Zandt stands out, rounding out the Boss’s voice with his skill on the strings.

Of Italian origin, easily identifiable with his bandanas and jackets, he is also a great arranger, producer and DJ.

Is he still «The Boss» today?

While many media outlets focus on showing the negative side of American society, Springsteen portrays the other side in his music. He tells the best stories of America’s cities and people, on stage he continues to deliver as he did when he was young, or even more. His concerts last more than three hours.

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In all his concerts he fulfills the dream of a fan and makes her dance like Courteney Cox in the video of «Dancing in the Dark». So much so that there is even a Facebook group for those who have had the opportunity to dance.

Throughout his career he has been a political activist fighting for his ideals. And also an activist for a variety of social causes.

Bruce is 72 years old and today more than ever, he lives up to that nickname «The Boss». Springsteen is one of the most important rock icons and an artist who has achieved resounding success in the world of music.

Bruce Springsteen’s most iconic songs

With such a long and iconic career in the music world, it’s hard to choose which songs are the Boss’ most important. From his timeless Growin’ up to the present day, here are a few wonderful examples:

10. The ghost of Tom Joad

9. Land of hope and dreams

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8. Badlands

7. Drive all night

6. Tougher than the rest

5. Growin’ up

4. Born in the USA

3. The rising

2. Born to run

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1. Dancing in the Dark


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